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Meanwhile Back at the RanchMEANWHILE BACK AT THE RANCH
Written by Trinka Hakes Noble
Illustrated by Tony Ross
Dial Books/Penguin Group, 1987, ISBN 0-14-054564-6
Available in paperback only

Trinka Hakes Noble’s deadpan tall tale has inspired a zany, on-target vision from Tony Ross, and the West has never been wackier or more fun.

• American Book Award
• Reading Rainbow Featured Selection
American Bookseller Pick of the List
• Arizona Young Reader’s Award
• North Dakota Flicker-Tail Children’s Book Award

Will You Take Me to Town on Strawberry Day?WILL YOU TAKE ME TO TOWN ON STRAWBERRY DAY?
Written by Marilyn Singer
Illustrated by Trinka Hakes Noble
Harper/Collins, 1981, ISBN 0-06-025737-7

There’s so much to see and taste and do on Strawberry Day in June – ride on a hay cart, play scissors-and-stone, drink rosy-hip tea!

Young readers will be delighted as the joyful verses (set to music) and marvelously detailed pictures transport them to a long-ago time to sample the fun of a country fair.

Karin's Christmas WalkKARIN'S CHRISTMAS WALK
Written by Susan Pearson
Illustrated by Trinka Hakes Noble
Dial Books/Penguin Group, 1980, ISBN 0-8037-4431-5

For Karin, Uncle Jerry’s visit was what made Christmas really special. But it was already the day before Christmas, and he still hadn’t arrived.

Susan Pearson’s story and Trinka’s pictures delicately reveal the special warmth that surrounds a small-town family Christmas.

Hansy's MermaidHANSY'S MERMAID
Written and Illustrated by Trinka Hakes Noble
Dial Books/Penguin Group, 1983,
ISBN 0-8037-3606-1

One spring day, after a storm, the Klumperty sisters find a mermaid stranded in a small inland pool and take her home. They hide the mermaid’s tail under a homespun dress and set about turning her into a good Dutch peasant. Only Hansy, the youngest child, sees the sadness in the mermaid’s eyes and learns that her name is Seanora. Somehow he must find a way to return her to the waves, the flying fish, and the dolphins of her home, the sea.

Trinka’s charming watercolor illustrations evoke the Dutch characters and varied landscapes of this tender, gracefully written tale.

American Bookseller Pick of the List

The King's TeaTHE KING'S TEA
Written and Illustrated by Trinka Hakes Noble
Dial Books/Penguin Group, 1979, ISBN 0-8037-4530-3

The King’s tea had to be perfect. But sometimes things weren’t just right. So each morning the tea steward held his breath as the King took his first sip...

• Child Study Children’s Book of the Year

Written by Mary Calhoun
Illustrated by Trinka Hakes Noble
Harper/Collins, 1979, ISBN 0-06-020946-1

“This gentle good-witch story has a folktale quality that works, and the small cat’s determination is commendable.” – Booklist

“Illustrations in three colors set the bucolic scene. Noble expresses sadness, anger, tenderness, and joy by using simple uncluttered lines for facial features.”– School Library Journal

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